Dunlop PLAYERS PACK Plectrum SBP-SBH Heavy, 6 picks/3 designs

£4.30 Please call or email for availability and our best price

SpongeBob SquarePants and the USA’s most famous manufacturer of picks, pedals and guitar accessories, Dunlop Manufacturing, have got together to bring you these specially created SpongeBob Pick Packs.
Each special design is printed on Dunlop’s famous Poly pick with an added proprietory finishing process to give the surface a new, non-slip feel. Carefully engineered bevelled edges give a positive attack and super-smooth string release. Guitar players in all styles really like these picks, finding that they offer superior tone, playability and long life.
So if you fancy injecting some fun into your guitar pickin’ style, you just can’t miss these brilliant new SpongeBob design Poly picks, with SpongeBob and all his friends available as individual designs!

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