X Vive Maxverb Digital Reverb XD1

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Guitar Effects Pedals
No matter if you are rocking out on the worlds biggest stages or practising in your garage, Xvive pedals provide 
to-die-for killer tones that will make you rethink your guitar sound.
Fourteen different ultra-compact effects units housed in sturdy metal chassis' and two larger aluminium cased pedals, all with pro features such as true bypass covering all the most desirable classic guitar tones.
From classic rock riffage, to screaming shred solos, to spacious chorus, delay and phaser effects, or problem solving units like noise gate, DI and AB boxes – whatever your needs there is an Xvive pedal for you. 
Maxverb Digital Reverb
• Three mode digital Reverb
• Spring, Hall, Plate modes
• Constant Volume Curve
• Blend control – fully dry to fully wet
• Reverb Mode Toggle Switch
• Blend and Time Control
• Excellent dynamic response
• Simple, easy to use design
• Digital design with True Bypass circuitry
• “Effects on” indicator light
• Original XVIVE tone
• Micro pedal package – very small and compact
• Durable all-metal housing

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