X Vive Wave Phaser XW1

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uitar Effects Pedals
No matter if you are rocking out on the worlds biggest stages or practising in your garage, Xvive pedals provide 
to-die-for killer tones that will make you rethink your guitar sound.
Fourteen different ultra-compact effects units housed in sturdy metal chassis' and two larger aluminium cased pedals, all with pro features such as true bypass covering all the most desirable classic guitar tones.
From classic rock riffage, to screaming shred solos, to spacious chorus, delay and phaser effects, or problem solving units like noise gate, DI and AB boxes – whatever your needs there is an Xvive pedal for you. 
Wave Phaser
• True bypass with an LED effect-on indicator.
• ’Intelligent’ envelope detector circuitry that allows accurate, rapid staccato playing when the strings are muted between notes. When this is done the envelope (signal level controlled) sweep automatically resets and begins again on the next note or chord played.
• The ability to combine envelope controlled and LFO (internal low frequency oscillator) sweep for a wide range of effects from full envelope control to full LFO.
• Quiet operation with companding noise reduction circuitry.
• Envelope sensitivity, sweep, speed, feedback resonance, output level and up/down controls.
• 18V DC power supply required.
• Current Draw: 50mA.
• Rugged, aluminium chassis.

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