PA Hire

We have 2 PA systems available for hire. Whether you are a band in need of some sound reinforcement, a DJ looking needing to push out his tunes or a business in need of PA for a corporate event; why not get in contact with us.

Our hire rates are very competitive and one of our staff will always be willing to run you through the setup of the PA system and how to use the mixing desk. 

Small band system - £90 per night

  • 2 x Db Technologies Opera Live 402 (400w each) active speakers
  • 1 x Soundcraft 12 channel mixing desk with 8 XLR channels, 2 AUX sends, phantom power and built in FX
  • 4 x Vocal Microphones (other mics available)
  • 4 x Microphone stands
  • 2 x Speaker stands
  • Mains and signal cables

Small band system with 2x Monitors - £110 per night

Small band system with 2x monitors and 2x Sub speakers  - £130

Small vocal system - £60 per night

  • 2x Db Technologies Lyric 110 (170w each) active speakers
  • 1x Yamaha MG802X mixer with 4 XLR channels, built in FX, 2x stereo channels
  • 2x Vocal microphones
  • 2x Microphone stands
  • 2x Speaker stands
  • Mains and signal cables





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1 night hire £80 (£120 with bass bins)

2 night hire £150 (£200 with bass bins) 

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Phone – 020 8642 2838

Email -